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What is Silent Space for Spirit-Mind-Body Attunement?

A space to tune individuals inner subsystems at home, organizations, institutes and businesses for the enhancement of health, happiness, creativity and better performance of family members, employees, teams, clients, suppliers, people.


-What is the optimized wellbeing environment we all seek, no matter what we do or where we are?

-We need Spirit-Mind-Body harmonious conditions to function and feel/think/sense, good and healthy.

-In Spirit-Mind-Body harmonious conditions, we make better decisions, we drive our life in a more rational way, and we manage our inner resources well.

-In optimized wellbeing environment, we can implement our capabilities in joyful and creative way and we can utilize our energies to sustain good maintenance of ourselves and our surrounding.

-Bringing our body to its harmonious natural base is best by using VibroAcoustic therapy done by sound vibrations. Organs in the body which we cannot reach by traditional methods - nerves, glands, lungs, heart, deep-lying blood vessels, brain tissue - will react in some way when they are accessed effectively via whole body vibration transferred directly to the body surface. Sound transfer via water is more effective and powerful that sound propulsion via air. Our bodies consist of about 73,8 % water. Our brain contains about 80 % water, its weight is 2 % of total body weight, but consumes 20 % of our energy production.

-You may ask what is Spirit-Mind-Body. Its the integrated subsystems of your BEING:

o Body biological subsystems such as blood, nerve, muscles, bones, hormones, immunes, cells

o Mind- thoughts, emotions, sensations, memory, dreams, imagination, encoded experience

o Spirit intelligent energy that connects you to wider perception & creativity.

What is a Space? A physical or virtual environment that creates inner atmosphere of feelings/sensing/thinking of calmness, compassion, creativity , confidence, consciousness, coherence, coexistence, comprehension, collaboration, communication within our subsystems, and with our surroundings: objects, plants, animals and people.

Why Silent? Its a state of mind where thoughts and emotions waves are calm & clear like a peaceful still ocean.

What are the components that may be part of creating S..S..S

Colors, sounds, furniture, scent, plants, objects that all vibrate in harmony

There is no one recipe for S..S..S, it depends on who where... how...

What is the minimum space? A space a member can stand, sit, lay, and move his /her body freely. Since we are composed of Spirit..Mind..Body, our body needs its basic movement abilities to express itself. A crippled person that cannot move his/body, creates a virtual body in his/her mind to create effective S..S..S

Who am I?

I am Avigail Berg. I have MA in Holistic Health from Lesley University. My thesis focuses on my Invented self management tool called overall that is based on a process a person create and operats an inner space of calmness, reaches it by request to reduce stress in any situation, without losing the sharpness of the senses and clarity of the mind.

I produce and run inspiring and experiential workshops that provide tools to elevate life quality.

Im a meditation teacher, a massage therapist and guided imagery trainer, a healer and a consultant for creating a Silent Space for Spirit-Mind-Body Attunement

I would be happy to meet you and see how we can create S..S..S in your place


hugs, Avigail Berg-Panitz, 914-433-2849, You are welcome to read my thesis

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