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Why Vibroacoustic internal body massage is essential as part of your daily self body-mind proactive and preventive maintenance?

Hello, what did you do today in order to take care of your body-mind?

You probably keep order in your home, you take care of your car, you clean the refrigerator, but what about managing your own being preservation?

You may be aware and take vitamins, do workout to keep your fitness and invest in your beauty and esthetic appearance, but what about your inner organs, muscles, tissues and cells ?

Will you feel strange if I told you that besides your name, your identification (and mine as well) is that you are a complex multicellular intelligent body-mind system that is composed of an estimated 100,000,000,000,000 cells!

Each cell is an amazing world unto itself: it can take in nutrients, convert these nutrients into energy, carry out specialized functions, and reproduce as necessary. Even more amazing is that each cell stores its own set of instructions for carrying out each of these activities.* The cells are organized in sub systems such as organs, tissues, glands, immune system, muscles, nerves, blood and bones.

We are a complex system, made of integrated subsystems that input food, water and oxygen, convert them into energy, use the energy for activities and maintenance and let out waste material , fluid and gases.

Most of the processes are being done automatically and as result, we usually dont give them attention. Only when we feel a pain, or when part of the process of letting in or letting out doesnt function right, we are alert, may go to a medical doctor, if the problem doesnt resolve by itself, and s/he may diagnose it as mal functionality of one or more of our subsystems.

I challenge you to do simulation in your mind and pretend that all you are, a cell . Choose one cell that is you. Hello cell. What do you like to eat? How do you breathe? How do you get rid of waste you dont need? How do you keep order, clean and manage good healthy maintenance?

Now simulate you are one of your organs a subsystem of many cells that need to function harmoniously together to achieve the organs purpose. How do you keep all your cells happy and healthy?

We dont really know what causes an illness. There are researches based on statistics that find a tendency to get sick when basic conditions (food, air, physical and psychological ) of survival, are out of balance together with tendencies of the generic profiles .

The body-mind automatic intelligent system has its own ways of carrying out the process of healthy life in the cells, tissues, glands and subsystems but if we are aware of our body parts needs and if we learn to reduce stress, we can manage a preventive and proactive approach to our bodymind subsystems maintanance.

One effective way to assist blood circulation oxygen and nutrition supply to the cells and to body sub systems and is used to reduce stress is applied by vibroacoustic therapy sound healing.

Did you know that your body consist of about 73,8 % water? Sound Healing is based on the scientific principle that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency. In your body, every cell, tissue, organ, and energy center vibrates at its own frequency. Like instruments in an orchestra, when one organ in your body is out of tune, it affects your whole body. Powerful resonant sound vibrations can restore an innate frequency and even rearrange molecular structure. As a result, it's quite possible for seemingly miraculous things to occur-vertebrae align, muscles relax, chronic pains disappear, energy centers are balanced, traumas and blockages are released.

The power of sound has helped patients dealing with a variety of physical and emotional illnesses. No wonder sound is used in hospitals and doctors offices around the world. London's Royal Marsden hospital calls it knifeless surgery, and uses it on liver cancer and organ tumors.

Sound bypasses the mind and intellect, so it can make progress in healing regardless of the client's state of mind.

Sound Healing combines safely with any medication or protocol and is safe for everyone, including young children and the elderly.

I represent Olav Skille- the pioneer and the guru of creating special vibroacousdtic devices installed in pillows and mattresses. As a result of more then 25 years of research and applied therapy with VAT, Olavs special frequencies are used to assist in the following:

•40 Hz Spasmolytic, Increasing blood circulation, Internal massage

•50 Hz, Lung massage

•52 Hz, Back pains, Menstrual pains, Menopause issues

•68 Hz Neck/shoulder pains. Frozen shoulder-

•86 Hz. Headaches, Migraine and Whiplash injuries

These frequencies have been evolved and evaluated over time due to the responses of the patients who have used the system since 1980.

Because of the standardization of equipment, we can say that we have a total of user time of more than 20 000 hours since 1992. This gives us the possibility of relative certain comparison data from the effect on patients. Evaluation methods vary greatly. There is no exact evaluation procedure, but the satisfaction of returning patients indicate positive results.

Without the unification of equipment, sound library and procedure we could not have arrived at some valid estimate of the effect of VAT for relief of certain symptoms." Says Olav Skille.

To learn more of Olav Skille Vibroacoustic Therapy and how to apply it to your inner body sound massage, contact me.



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