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What is holistic business and personal wellness development?




By the end of the day, everything is connected to individual’s persona’s:  actions and behavior and his/her interactions with others.

No matter where you work (your own business, a startup or a huge enterprise) or what is your job (“simple employee” or a CEO) everything is connected – it is called the “bio-socio-psycho-spiritual energetic atmosphere at work and at home”


Every employee is a cell in the ORGANization, which is literally a living ORGANism.


When we say everything is connected,   we mean that there is no more separation between home life and work life. You are an asset of your workplace! Did you know that? 24 hours a day, you, together with your computer & smartphone,   continue to be an asset or a resource whether you like it or not.


Everything is connected because whether you like it or not, whatever you write in your personal Facebook or LinkedIn page may be an added value to your workplace or home, or an obstacle and a reason to fire you.


Everything is connected because if you have personal problems with your boss, it may affect your performance, your motivation, and eventually, your health.


Everything is connected, because you may have stress at home due to relationship issues with your romantic partner, children or parents and that may affect your performance your motivation and eventually, your health as well.


Yes, it depends on your personality, attitude, life perspective, emotional intelligence.  Yes, you can learn, adopt and apply new positive habits of flexibility, creativity, compassion and bodymind balance to expand your perception.


What about the wellness culture at work? How do we create a new atmosphere and inner environment of wellness?


If an organization (any business or institute, for profit or nonprofit) is a living organism and each individual is an intelligent cell in that organism, there should be harmony between the whole and its units – each one of YOU.


Dear Leader, let me provide you holistic personal and business development tools to uplift the wellness culture  at work and wellbeing of your employees.



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