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Workshops /Presentations

Personal & Business Development Unique Experiential and Inspiring Workshops


Why C-10, you ask? Because they accelerate the manifestation of the following features:

Collaboration, Calmness, Creativity, Conflict Solving, Consciousness evolvement, Communication, Coherence, Coexistence, Compassion, Capacity

Business & Management tools

1. Personal Development and Business Development by using Linkedin as a Platform.

Many people use linkedin as their social network. However, how many people utilize it as their main business development and personal development platform? We will show you on a "hands on" or a through a presentation how to be most effective  in your Linkedin usage for whatever goal you have.

2. NetCoachMe. The web is humanity's  knowledge base. Learn how to use it for business intelligence, business development and R&D collaboration.

3. MultiMind Dialogue and Teamwork .Tools for effective communication. Using Krishnamurti and David Bohm perception in Business conflict solving & and for collaboration. Team mult-minds have the potential to expand perception and as result perceive a larger picture of reality. This workshop is essential for conflict solving, for creativity and innovation. It can encourage motivation at work.


4. The art of business usability. Turn your website into a B2B business development platform. Your Website is your virtual exhibition glass where you expose to the world ,your goods and services. How do you do it in a way that your international client / partner will want to buy them and do business with you?

5. Imagination as the simulator of the mind. Learn how to use imagery for creativity, innovation,entrepreneurship and problem solving.

6. Virtual incubator - an idea of   how to boost local economy.

7. Create a SilentSoundSpace@work to reduce stress, recharge energies, refocus and refill motivation and effective performance at home and at work.

8. Happy hours for creativity and innovation @ work. Each and every employee's mind is a potential for creativity and innovation at work. The challenge is how to create an atmosphere for collaboration, non formality and find the passion and motivation to manifest and implement inner human resources.

9. Optimize performance with VAT Vibroacoustic therapy and Guided Imagery workshop. If you are a professional sport player, a music, film, dance or theater artist, a lawyer, a speaker, a leader, a sales person, a project manager,a student or any other profession that requires precise performance as a condition to success, we would like to suggest using VAT- Vibroacoustic Therapy together with guided imagery as effective tools to achieve optimized successful  performance ,by fine- tuning your inner resources and minimize blind spots of perception.

10. Wellness & Wellbeing @ Work - BodyMind Balance - Self Maintenance  Preventive Personalized and Proactive Approach


11. Permaculture , Art & The City - Wellness@Work


12.Holistic and Integrative teamwork in project management 

Personal Development

1. Vibroacoustic Therapy - VAT , experience and explore inner body massage of organs, tissues and cells to reduce pain, stress and various illnesses symptoms. ... you feel warm waves tickle & pat you from within. You feel harmonious connection in your mind components and body sub systems...combination of calmness with recharging energies"


2. Write your own e-book. Life is eternal when you upload your life story over the net. Let me guide you how to do it step by step.

3. NetCoachMe. The web is humanity's' knowledge base. Learn how to use it for life change management & personal development.

4. 12 tools to tune your inner compass and expand perception. You are the manager of your life and only you can drive your life. Yet, in order to drive life safely, you need to sharpen and fine tune your inner compass. The tools: Sharpening senses, calmness on demand, creativity, understanding social situations, intuition, maintenance&order, quantity& quality, direction&intention, vibrations, love&compassion, passive&active, abundance.

5. From limitation of thoughts to expanding of mind perception - based on J. Krishnamurti & Prof David Bohm learn to explore the inner operating system of perception. Be aware of the limitation of the mind, find ways to expand your perception.

6. Dialogue and Teamwork Tools for effective communication. David Bohm s perception for dialogue is an effective tool for interactions , learn how to use it.

7. Explore creativity within you .Find what work of art touches your heart and motivates you to take an action and do art. Learn how to find and implement your inner resources with joy.

8. Find your love mate online - let me coach you how to do it smart & fast

9. Kaleidoscope reality. 2 b or not to bee on the same page: understanding misunderstanding and how we can overcome them. - collaboration game

10. Self Healing. What is it all about? How can we balance our inner energies get more when we need, release, when we have too much.

11. Existential understanding of what are we doing here? Two optional stories that may be true.

12. Over-all meditation Body-mind-spirit tuning

13. Audio visual experience. Let your bodymind experience The Beyond.

15. Imagination as the simulator of the mind .Using imagery for creativity, entrepreneurship and problem solving.

16. Personal wellness and well being coaching

17. mystic evening: light candles, feel  and sense the energies - develop your intuition

18. Heart Healing Home - for broken hearted people - a weekend with Avigail

19. Togetherness - for couples that want to refresh and strengthen their BodyMindSpirit  bonds

the topics above can be given as a one on one session, as a presentation or as a workshop.
Some of them can be done over skype.

please contact me to get more information on each workshop/presentation and its price


Holistic Personal Development and Growth, Buisness Development

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