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From limited attention to - 
reality expansion perception

CONTACT US to learn how to apply this workshop for teamwork improvement or leadership /management tool development.

The workshop is personalized to your needs and resources.

This workshop can also be applied as one on one coaching for personal self development.

What is the resource we lack mostly? More than money or time? –

                                                      ATTENTION! ...

The curve of attention goes down fast. Though it differs from person to another, and also depends on inner body mind conditions and external triggers, attentiveness slips away  and usually we can't point on the exact moment it happens. All of the sudden we find ourselves saying to ourselves "what did he just say ?..."


It has to do with exploring the operating system of our perception. No, not biology, physiology or psychology, it has to do with self-exploration & self-observation.

It has to do with questions you will not find answers in science or  philosophy or spirituality.

The reason is that the operating system of your perception is unique, is because, perception of our reality, includes  the outcome of merging process,between  memories and imagination together with input data from the senses. Knowledge which is stored in memory is part of this mix.

This process takes place in “real time” nonstop. In addition, the content of our consciousness and subconscious is unique and dynamic. Add to this compelxity, is the fact that reality is dynamic and huge and we never see the whole picture.

This Workshop is and experiential workshop  or a 1 on 1 coaching

The goal is to provide you with tools of self exploration to enable observation inward into the interrelation between body systems and mind systems(which are: thoughts, emotions, memories, imagination, dreams , belief system)

If you participate in ATTENTIVENESS WORKSHOP or in a 1 on 1 coaching (can be set as skype sessions), YOU WILL GAIN THE FOLLOWING:

Improve relationship at home:
o Couples communication
o Children / parents communication
o Siblings among themselves
o Relatives and older parents

Improve communication at work:
o Be a better listener
o Be a better team member
o Be an explorer
o Manifest your inner creativity and innovative talents
o Improve your learning capacity
o Improve your performance
o Improve your awareness and  implementation of service quality

o Become a leader in yoru field

Improve your community contribution
o Manifest the giving side in you –Volunteer

o Become a leader

Know thyself
o Love who you are
o Be joyful in your inner world discoveries
o Have a sense of humor
o Learn the flowchart of motivation, creativity and joy
o Apply C-10: 
Calmness, Creativity, Compassion , Collaboration, Comprehension, Consciousness, Coherence, Communication,

Conflict Solving, Coexistence.



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