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Dear explorer,
The purpose of  this website is the idea of blending in our personal and business life, self help  wellness and well-being  tools, in everything we do. Our perception is based on  the approach that we can proactively improve the quality of our life wherever we are, and in whatever we do.
Behind the topics of the workshops /presentations there is diversified know-how and wisdom I have collected over the years and mixed them with my own insights. .
I am looking forward for you to contact us and ask for more information of how we can build together a wellness and well-being program at your place / space.
Wellness on Demand - Demand Wellness can be viewed as directed to two audiences:
Individuals at home and at work -
Leaders, managers,principals and owners -
drive life, enjoy your journey... your way.
I'm looking forward to dialogue with you,
Avigail berg-Panitz

 We are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
 phone: 914-433-2849