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Hello repectful YOU,


What do you think, feel, sense , perceive about - "ART" ?


Art is a basic humanity's  language, since its very beginning.


Art is a multidisciplinary  multicultural enabling tool, that bridges between thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination, and dreams.


Art as an expression  therapy is very effective  to release inner conflicts, anxiety, and stress.


Art inspires us as artists and as viewers and feeds us with joy and creative energies.


Art decorate our spaces as home, at work and in public places and create insightful vital environments and atmospheres.


Though there are business people who collect art as an investment, though enterprises & private people buy art, artists today and specially young promising artists are struggling economically. They hardly support themselves. They take temporary or full-time  jobs and as result, their art work  which is their life essence gets damaged.



This is a call to collaborate and support BPPA initiative:


BPPA – Businesses Promoting Promising Artists - is a Social Philanthropic Initiative intended to convince and engage businesses executives (large or small enterprises / organizations) to contribute with awareness to purchase work of art of promising artists - worldwide.



This is a call to create a social and business awareness & marketing efforts to promote BPPA goals among businesses, factories, institutions, academy, organizations, municipalities and museums.


As result, open doors for  young artists or BPPA's representatives to arrive physically or virtually to workplaces and encourage these businesses and organizations, and their employees – to purchase work of art of promising artists. In addition places such as cafe places, banks, libraries will offer their walls to present promising artists' collections.   


To learn more about this initiative,


Contact : Avigail Berg Panitz, representing  promising artists, 561-277-8282 , ,



     read and view:

     Pause...Perceive...Play Life

     Pictures by Tomer Tal, Tiny Poems by Avigail Berg-Panitz

BPPA – Businesses Promoting Promising Artists

 Social Philanthropic Initiative


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