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Multidisciplinary Group Dialogue Workshop -

for innovation, creativity and problem solving 

Workshop  Goals & Description:


Based on some components of  Bohm’s Dialogues approach, initiating and running a multidisciplinary  dialogue group, will enable a dynamic structure and content interactions of the group members, to maximize sharing of knowledge,  “minimizing ego”, minimizing emotional  and cultural miscommunication and mistrust, and facilitating personal and team exploration of perception expansion, in addition to activating creativity, innovation and problem solving.



The art of attentiveness and creating space for fresh observation. The art of a teamwork that does not threatens individual uniqueness.


Participant Outcomes: By the end of this session, participants will be able to acknowledge:

o Reality is dynamic and complex- nobody sees the whole picture

o Observing The Attentiveness curve and how to expand it

o Observing perception in real-time and creating a space for fresh observations and processes .

o Imagination as the simulator of the mind

o conditions for insights

o Collaboration of multi-minds



Name: Avigail Berg-Panitz

Organization/Affiliation: Aviman llc

Phone: 561-277-8282

Role and qualifications: Personal and business development consultant, social entrepreneur ,partner in The Sound Well Corp.,


Participants: Business executives, HR & wellness managers, business training managers, R&D managers, consultants, therapists, community leaders, employees, students.

o multidisciplinary members in a group

o wish to learn new tools to solve problems  in a team (or home), boost communication, creativity and innovation

o wish to explore the way we perceive reality, understand the  limitation of the mind and explore ways to overcome this limitation.

o explore the idea of multi-minds as analogical to multiprocessing.

o adding pieces of the puzzle – the art of effective team work

o apply the tool to various areas in life.


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