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HappyHour @ work - Wellness & Wellbeing Workshop


Wellness & Well-Being  On Demand

Proposal – Avigail Berg-Panitz – ©2013 all rights reserved.

Workshop  Goals & Description:



Wellness and wellbeing at work is not just “better nutrition, preventive stress management and illnesses diagnosis”. The experimental workshop will enable participants experience Happy Hour for Creativity , Innovation and Problem Solving in order to comprehend and apply a weekly new corporate culture that focuses attention, care and recognition of the individuals as  creative human being. The more people are creative at work - the more they express natural inner motivation at work.



Create a space for participant’s creativity, innovation and problem solving in heterogeneous groups within the workplace.


Participant Outcomes: By the end of this session, participants will be able to perceive:

o what is my expressive art /talent that manifests my being

o Attentiveness curve and how to expand it

o Observing perception in real-time and creating a space for fresh observations and processes .

o Imagination as the simulator of the mind

o conditions for insights

o my input, your input, our input



Name: Avigail Berg-Panitz

Organization/Affiliation: Aviman llc

Phone: 561-277-8282

Role and qualifications: Personal and business development consultant, social entrepreneur, partner in The Sound Well Corp.,


Participants: Business executives, HR & wellness managers, business training managers, leaders, project manageme  teams, employees from all departments.


o multidisciplinary members in a group

o discover a joyful expression through art / innovation

o my project, your project our project

o explore the idea of multi-minds as analogical to multiprocessing to solve problems

o adding pieces of the puzzle

o motivation &  performance at work


Agenda and Activities 6 hours – minimum. minimum participants in a group – 15.

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