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Inspiring / wellness & well being  weblinks

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times - Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru, moderated by Ms. Chandrika Tandon
What is Viroacoustic Therapy - self managemnt and therapeutic tool to balance mental and physical subsystems and reduce pain, sress, insomnia and anxiety, boost vitalty and mind clarity wit no chemicals involved.
Inner reengineering - Sadhguru - insights
Evolution of Conciousness - harmonic vibrations (video, 2.5 h)
Crosspoint of Humanity (video)
Quantum Mind (video)
Jeff Foster - what is spirituality, what is you (video)
Inner Worlds Outer Worlds (video)

Beyond  Thoughts (Video)
Do you rely on your memory? watch out! (Video- Ted)
About Integrative medicine

Vision of integrative medicine

About Krishnamurti J

About Pro David Bohm

About Creativity

About Self Management Tools




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