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Are you ready to reveal SOSH

Self Oracle & Self Healing


Many of us are in crossroads in our lives.

As a matter of fact, every decision we make, leads ourselves to a new branch in our life tree.


There are many, many potential branches to choose from, so which way should we  take?


The one that brings us to manifests the real BodyMindSpirit

of who we are.


What does that mean?


We came to this life to play with awareness – that means:

  • Be balanced and not chaotic

  • Be happy and not gloomy

  • Expand perception from limitations.

  • Manifest our creativity

  • Blend universe wisdom energy with earth energy

  • Remove fear, stress and conditioned mind to generate space for new exciting, uplifting positive possibilities and opportunities.


Are you ready to reveal SOSH?

Where: In a restaurant near by

When : we will let you know – brunch or late lunch


How often : twice a week – modular and independent gatherings


  • What is bodymind balance

  • What are the 5 elements of wellness-wellbeing

  • How to use a pendulum

  • How to read tarot

  • What is Hebrew Kabbalistic energy of the letters

  • You don’t need to be an astrologist to explore best timing

  • What is self healing

  • How to connect spirit to bodymind

  • Why vibroacoustic therapy could be your ultimate platform for SOSH


Book a one on one session.

Would you like us to produce a SOSH event for you?

Would you like to join a virtual SOSH session?

Contact us to add you to our list.

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