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We are cells of Creation; therefore, its DNA is embedded in Us. We Co-Create.

You are welcome to explore together in an open dialogue, The BIG questions in life.


The atmosphere we wish to create:

  • Observing and expressing views in the now  with full capacity, sharp senses, awareness, authenticity and coherenceץ 

  • Active listening

  • Harmony of multi-minds or mosaic of minds, creating a larger picture of  - realizing reality


We are a group of people inspired by passion for exploration, questioning and investigating:

perception, reality, truth, life, creativity, insights and complex challanges on earth and in humanity.


We realize that our minds are not empty completely, yet, we do seek emptiness and silence and minimizing overwhelmed minds, as much as possible, of streams of thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories , imagination and belief systems.

One way of reaching it,  is that our meeting will start with Tibet bowls chakra attunement:


You are welcome to share other ways… 

We will clear the desktops of our minds the first 12 minutes. 


Each one of participant will host a topic in his/her  turn and we will start a dialogue. 

Our goal is to expand perception and create atmosphere  for creativity, communication,& compassion


Are in you in?

contact us today and we will send a link to a zoom meeting, time and day.

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