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How is your Personal Web Presence ?

Google Your name now!!!


What came up?

What is your “mosaic personal image”, that is reflected from the first 3 pages in Google?

Are you pleased with the outcome?

You may have a business website, a blog, your profile in various, social networks, yet, do you feel your personality and creativity are reflected in these websites?


Lately we see some new websites that encourage you to migrate your LinkedIn profile to their “nicer “platform. What’s the point? After all, the power of your profile in LinkedIn, is the fact that is in Linkedin.

Web presence may have different flavors, depending on your goals, vision, and aspirations.


What do you do?

Sit down with yourself and describe, the impression and then dialogue,   you want to have on different people /businesses.


In today’s dynamic  digital world the name of the game is – flexibility, creativity and being proactive, alert,and  with sharp senses.

A good sense of humor is very precious as well!!!

Many people in businesses /people, went down the road because they were arrogant, and didn’t re-invent themselves.


Let me help you, define what you want /need! 


Drive life, Enjoy your journey


Avigail – wellness self-help tools @work & @home

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