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Hello   friends & network colleagues.

I would like to share with you generic self-management tools to enable self-exploration, self-esteem, and discovery of the operating system of your being.


You and only you can find your unique path of happiness, creativity, and wealth. You may ask the advice of consultants, experts, MDs  and  gurus , friends and family memebers you trust. Yet, by the end of the day – it’s you who should navigate, find your unique path and drive your life.


In order to find the right path for you, you need tools to attune your inner compass.


Who are you really?

Are you Body, BodyMind, BodyMindSpirit?


The beauty of life is “what you believe, is what you get “.


We will discuss this statement seriously, beyond the New Age “law of attraction”.

We will take a journey together in a pragmatic philosophy mode.


What is pragmatic philosophy? It’s the ability to observe with fresh perception (as much as possible)  the layers of our essence, challenges and possibilities, as we focus on our own personal life. We will reveale the conditioning of our views and our automatic behavior. We will investigate if we can adopt new effective tools to cope with challenging  changes periods  in our life.


What is change management?

We tend to live in "illusionary stability mode". For pragmatic reasons of convenience, we tend to do “more of the same”. It gives a false atmosphere of security. Yet, deep inside, there are a lot of signs of uncertainty in our personal economy and well-being  and also in local and world’s political threats.


We watch the news, and then  get back to our behavioral habits that provide us little pleasures and solutions to keep the illusions on a solid ground.


Yet, deep inside, we know  the fact:  life is a constant change.


We usually find ways to deal with small changes but at some point, we face crucial changes that catch us by surprise many times, and shake the earth below our feet.

Changes such as being laid off, divorce, illness, or problems with loved ones (children, parents, spouse) or business partners. Sometime we need to relocate to  another state or country.

Changes are not always negative, however, even activities such as  planning a trip abroad, or going to school may bring new stressful and anxiety situations.


I will be happy if you share with me your thoughts and ideas.

You can let me know if you allow me to share your feedback with the rest of  YOU, or I shall reply you privately.


Many of the ideas I will lay out  are based on my upcoming book :

”Kaleidoscope Realities – Observe the Operating System of Your Being.


You are welcome to share these newsletters messages with friends and colleagues.


Who am I? – profile in linkedin:

general profile :

I am a social entrepreneur and a holistic personal and business development consultant . My expertise and perceptions are based on self-management tools and on a positive perspective that you are the manager of your life and you have the inner resources to bring yourself back to Dynamic Homeostasis, Happiness, and Harmonious Happy life.


***Please visit my websites below (which are in constant improvement. You are always welcome to give your feedback)



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