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SilentSoundSpace Workshop

Workshop  Goals & Description:


Balance Body & Mind, reduce pain, anxiety, insomnia and stress, boost vitality, mind clarity and life quality.


What is SilentSoundSpace


SilentSoundSpace is a neutral designed room or a hall, created with the intention of having minimum factors of interruption, or potential triggers for emotional turmoil or physical unease.    The SilentSoundSpace includes a Vibroacoustic Therapy  equipment to enable a process of  inner body massage, which harmonically vibrate, -organs, tissues and cells, and in addition, minimize overwhelmed streams of chaotic thoughts, emotions , memories and imagination . No sound beside the low sound and your breathing is heard or felt.
• The result – less pain, stress, insomnia or anxiety, recharged vitality, clear mind, good mood and attentiveness. This is the optimum inner environment to live happy and healthy in a wellness and well-being environment and makes sane decisions– a combination of calmness together with sharp senses.



Create space for self-bodymind attunement for homes, businesses, education centers, wellness centers and health institutions such as clinics, hospitals, addiction rehabilitation centers, physical and psychotherapy rehabs, nursing homes, hospices.

Participant Outcomes: By the end of this session, participants will be able to know & perceive:


o What is bodymind balance?

o How to Create a SilentSoundSpace

o How to have a VAT attunement process on themselves

o How to guide a VAT session on another individual .

o The business side of VAT therapy as a standalone therapy or as incorporated with other therapies and consultancies.




Name: Avigail Berg-Panitz

Organization/Affiliation: Aviman llc

Phone: 561-277-8282

Role and qualifications: Personal and business development consultant, social entrepreneur ,

partner in The Sound Well Corp.,



Therapists, HR & wellness managers, leaders, sport coaches, business coaches, teachers, social workers, end users,

will learn various applications of VAT for different participants .

In addition, participants will learn how to add self-visualization and self-imagery to VAT session as part of self-management tool

to improve performance and replace bad habits with better habits.

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