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Nobody can tell you how to "drive life" but you.

In order to know where you are going, ways to get there, have the resources, and be happy in your journey, you need to attune your BodyMindSpirit subsystems in dynamic & harmonic way, just like attuned orchestra.

When your BodyMindSpirit subsystems are attuned, you create your own inner compass, your inner home, your well-being.

This is Wellness On Demand.

Whatever space you find yourself in, make sure you Demand Wellness. If you are a space holder (home, work, school, rehab, community) make sure you provide optimal conditions of wellness.

We provide  self - help  tools to facilitate paving your path, drive life safely, and  enjoy your journey,.... your way.  avigail             

Ways to attune BodyMindSpirit

At home, on the go, at work and in the community:

Our  wellness perception is holistic (covers the whole bodymind systems physical, mental and emotional) , integrative ( various synergistic ways to balance and nurture good health and well-being), Proactive, Preventive, Personal, Positive, Persevering

Passionate and Purposed  Perception.


We close the gap between therapeutic modalities and self help tools.

We view home ,a workplace, school and a rehab  as incubators and living organism that needs to  nourish  their cells - the people under their roofs, with wellness conditions in order to be strong, healthy, and joyful.

Our vision and goal: adding wellness conditions to

homes, workplaces, communities and health institutions:

Reduce stress, healthy food, sleep well, exercise, manifest your talents

social Eco friendly atmosphere, physical Eco friendly conditions, personal evolvement.

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