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Hi here is the background for our fresh perception of Wellness on Demand - Demand Wellness

1. You are the driver of your life and only you know what is good for you, if you are balanced. -

I provide self management tools for personal development, growth and balance.

2. A business is an organism. I provide holistic tools for business development based on management 

awareness, conscious culture company, effective teamwork, wellness, creativity  and innovation of employees and executives.

3. Nobody sees the whole picture. I provide tools to expand attentiveness to details on one end,  and to grasp the larger picture, on the other end.

4. Nobody holds the truth in his/her pocket. I provide tools for dialogue, sharing of information, sharing experience , reducing conflicts. By dialoguing in a diversified group, we become a "real-time life" to expand perception.

5. Creativity is embedded in everyone of us. Creativity and innovation are tools for self healing, growth self manifestation and happiness.

6. Wellness & Well Being are on going processes of awareness , implementation and self observation.

7. Self Management and development tools & integrative medicine approach are the basics of leading

a passionate happy life. 

8. We close the gap between therapeutic modalities and self help tools.

In extreme situations of unbalance - go to a professional specialist. When you are back to dynamic balance, you are the driver of your life. Pave your path, drive life your way.

I'm a combination of a Hi-tech business woman and a Healer. I am a HH.


Since I remembers myself, I observed human behavior, and explored the multi layers connection of body & mind subsystems and the dynamic, creative ways we perceive reality. Questions such as "what are we doing here" and exploring the possibility  of perception beyond the 5 senses have led to examine ,perceive and use energies for healing.

For over twenty years, I professionally run two parallel paths - Marketing and Business Development in Hi-tech companies from one end, and being a healer, life coach, holistic therapist and social entrprneur  on the other end.

I have a MA degree in Holistic Health, from Lesley University. I live in Palm Beach Gardens running my start-up , do-; one on one coaching,  and  produce and run  unique workshops for business development and personal development.

I'm the official representative of OLAV SKILLE - VibroAcoustic Therapy in USA.

Vibroacoustic therapy - is a inner body massage of low sound frequencies system embedded in mats and pillows, which are effective to reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety with no chemicals involved.  I consult private people, businesses and institutions of  how to create SilentSoundSpace to attune their inner subsystems and and elevate balanced, healthy life quality. Check our Vibroacoustic Therapy website

I also give personal bodymindspirit treatment  - energy healing together with vibroacoustic therapy.

I'm inspired by Prof David Bohm and Krishnamurti J that observed the limitation of thoughts in humanity, and revealed their approach  of how to expand perception, be tolerant, humbled, creative and full of compassion as evolution of consciousness.

In my book "Kaleidoscope Reality, From limited Attention To Wide Perception" -  I'm writing, the outcome of  insightful moments of exploring REALITY. Though it is still in process, i do give workshops /presentations about its content. THE FACT IS THAT WE LIVE IN KALEIDOSCOPE REALITIES, or subjective worlds of bubbles, and that is why there are so many conflicts and dis-communication.


Can humanity find solutions to this bio-perceptual  BUG?

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