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  who are you?

Whether you are here for your personal interests, or you are an education/training manager or HR manager or a wellness ambassador of your company /organization, or an event manager of a  gated club , we are here to offer various activities in the fields of wellness and well being.  Look into the workshops page and request more information for any subject that resonates with you. We can also create a personalized and tailored  topics to address your needs and budget. 
I am a business representative
No matter if you represent a low tech or hi tech company,  a startup or a large enterprise, your employees and executive team are the most important resource of your company. Your company is an organism, and in order to keep the organism healthy, innovative and in constant growth, you need to be aware of wellness and well-being and create wellness and well-being culture @ work.
  1.  Preventive & proactive approach = less stress, better healthy conditions  = less absence
  2. You want your people to be happy and motivated to do what they do best, not from an "automatic mode" but from a "passionate mode" 

I am a private person 

No matter who you are, what you do for living and what is your status, being aware of your being and applying the external &  inner conditions to be happy and healthy is a great advantage.
"Driving life" and not being driven by others", Being proactive and not being passive.
You are welcome to join a workshops or participate in a unique personalized one on one program. 
I am a club event manager
You have variety of people in your community - even if you all live in a  focused golf community or any other type. 
There is one  topic which is the common denominator of all people:"how to keep bodymind balance,  good spirit and good health".
We approach wellness and well- being from  unique  perspectives - we close the gap between therapeutic modalities and self-help tools. We can always provide you with  several activities: a lecture, workshop, and organize an event for you.

I represent an institution /organization

You may represent a non profit organization, an academy institution or a health center. The bottom line is that the members would appreciate enrichment events and tools for better quality of life.
Observe the list of activities we offer and remember we can always brainstorm with you, to personalize our proposal and  customize it to your organization /institution's profile and requests. 
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