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Live & Let Live


A practical solving conflicts center based on inspiring and experiential workshops.

Learn to solve conflicts and communication problems with yourself, romantic partner, business partner/colleagues, children, parents, community and between states.


Fighting is insane, non-rational, and stupid


Do you agree that fighting does not make sense?

We are all here temporarily – average of 80 years and then, dis-appear.

The smart and the not so smart

The pretty and the not so pretty

The rich and the poor

The politicians and the regular citizens

The leaders and the followers

The managers and the employees

The Professors  at the university and the people in the jungle

Women, men, gays and all the rest of combinations

The religious and those that for them God does not exists

The religious that say my God is better than yours..


From the minute we are born, we carry on our backs a bag we fill over the years with:

Books, Apparel, Real estate, Cars, Pictures, Furniture, Technological Devices, Appliances

Memories, Thoughts, Emotions, Beliefs, Habits, Imaginative scenarios, Dreams, People

Opinions and _______ and _____etc.….


When we disappear from here, the things we take with us besides our recorded life experience, are intelligent essence of awareness, creativity, a sense of humor and love. We leave as part of our legacy our creativity and memories that are embedded in people we made impact.


Whenever you are in a conflict, or a fight, or having a violent   dispute over something, remember two things:

  • You don’t hold the truth in your pocket

  • You don’t see the whole situation

What would happen if humanity shared all knowledge and wisdom to collaborate and solve challenges?

What would happen if all the Nobel prize winner, together with regular people at a multi-minds creativity session, would lock themselves in a room, to find solutions to poverty, violence, unemployment  and illnesses?

Whenever you have a conflict within yourself, open your mind and layout your belief system. Find out, which of the values that you hold, are in conflict in the field of life you are dealing with. This action will reveal the process of evaluating and rearranging your attitude and views towards where you stand regarding the field that is in focus. It will bring you to a state of alert and vitality when you realize the complexity of life and how you decide to deal with the situation. You become your own life observer. With coherence, integrity and awareness  you will be able to write a new version of the operating system of your being and be free .



Leaders wake up! You were given the right to lead, because you gave an illusion that you will bring positive change.

Wake up – earth resources are not your personal assets – they belong to citizens of earth.

You have no right to deprive from any person the right to live in dignity, health, wellness, education and wellbeing and non-violence.

Earth for all, live and let live as the minimum condition on earth.

Live&LetLive is an inspiring and experiential workshop center to solve conflicts in any human interaction circles you participate: home, family, work, community, state.

Learn how to learn who you are, how to communicate effectively, How to deal with hidden agendas, How to deal with emotional manipulation, How to deal with violence.

Learn how to make the positive difference in your environment and social ecology.

By the end of the day, each one of us is a cell humanity’s organism.


Stay tuned for the book that will inspire you - Kaleidoscope  Realities



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