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Solve problems in a teamwork (or home),

boost communication, creativity and innovation.

The other day I attended a lecture of a scientist from Weizmann Institute (Israel) who was visiting Florida.

I was talking with him about his field – physics in biological systems  – and he told me about the multidisciplinary teamwork of scientists from different departments that are working on his project.

I asked him how do they overcome  miscommunication  &  differences of definitions  between  the various disciplines members, and he said that they spend  part of their time  on “fine tuning” expressions and concepts definitions to  make sure they are all on the same page.

Then I asked him, “how do you overcome the ego “when each one thinks “she/he holds the truth in his pocket” and he said – “ho , this is the greatest challenge and sometimes projects fall apart because of egos”


Miscommunication and “believing we hold the truth in our pockets” happen all the time – at home and at work.

Our automatic mode of perception – is having the assumption that “we hold the truth” and we view reality “as is”.


From a pragmatic point of view, it makes sense.  Imagine if we would question the way we grasp things all the time? – It would slow us down & reduce our self-confidence and performance.  In addition, we don’t have to “re-invent the wheel” – specially when dealing with science or technology.  That’s why education is so important – to learn already validated scientific and technological knowledge that has accumulated over time.

Yet if we want to have a breakthrough, and expand our solutions and find answers to  humanity’s challenges, we need to question beyond the known  by observing  on the many unsolved problems.

Multidisciplinary team dialogue is a great platform. The fact that you bring to the table, for instance -  a philosopher, quantum physicist , medical doctor , an engineer  and a rich philanthropist to find a pragmatic technological and business solution to  bringing water and electricity to every village in Africa /China or India?   It could be energizing, refreshing and expand the horizon of possible solutions. (Shame on humanity that we are dealing with these issues of poverty and basic conditions in the 21 century)

Did you ever hear of Prof David Bohm ?

He is known for being an American theoretical physicist. He is less known  for his “dialogue perception”.

Bohm was inspired and an unofficial student  of J Krishnamurti – a spiritual educator that for over 60 years wrote many books and talked about the limitation of thoughts and conditioning of the mind.

Bohm was very influenced by Krishnamurti and as a scientist developed tools for self observation to enable the expansion of thoughts boundaries  and manifest creativity . (read more about Bohm Dialogues)

The process of Bohm’s Dialogues is to focus on the  communication interactions themselves. There is no topic that is selected in advance.  What happens during the dialogue  is a fascinating self discovery  and  self awareness manifestation of how one thinks, feels and behaves in a group when all of a sudden she/he discover that , surprisingly, people perceive reality differently and have other attitudes, approaches to life and alternative opinions and priorities. It’s a real-time laboratory of people’s behavior.  People interact in an authentic way and,  at the same time, observe their own emotions and perceptions and  those of their colleagues.

It’s so amazing how we – “human animals”, are experts in so many fields.  We innovate and invent, yet we hardly understand the “operating system of our beings”.

I took the idea of dialogue – into forming a multidisciplinary team -as an innovative, creative and problem-solving platform.
What happens when you have a dialogue between people from completely different paradigms? A lot of energy in the air!!!
Remember the habit of thinking we “hold the truth” and assuming we see reality “as is”?

A multidisciplinary dialogue group could boost a chaotic and conflict environment. Yet, what happens when people in the group, have the “aha moment” of deep comprehension of the limitation of their minds?  Understanding that  we never see the whole picture? Realizing that we may be in the same place but focus  with different  resolutions.

What happens, when we start listening and empting the desktop of our minds to enable new and fresh observations?
What happens when instead of competition, there is a sharing of knowhow, wisdom and “multi mind processing”  as  computer multiprocessors?


My dream :
Inviting  to attend in one room scientists from different disciplines to find a cure for cancer. – yes, a naturopath will be there as well, acupuncture therapist will participate  and also VibroAcoustic therapist – among the mainstream cell and cancer researchers .

Could it be that by the end of the day everything has to do with inner harmony, (homeostasis, balance , equilibrium  of organs , cells and molecules as systems and multi-systems?) – HARMONY is analogical to harmony in an orchestra,   where in,  every instrument needs to be attuned to itself but all need to be in harmony with each other?

Just like in the Vatican, they will stay in the room days and nights. We will feed them, until a white smoke would come out…

I have ways to minimize egos from taking over and also create space in the minds for tolerant effective communication, sharp senses , and using visualization and imagination as the simulator of the multi- minds to enable creativity and innovation.


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