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Apply Self Management Tools for Self Development


What are self management tools?

Self management tools are modalities /methods / devices that enable people to learn and apply them independently, in order  to improve , expand, develop personal capabilities /behaviors so that they can widen up their life perception/ professional roles /talents /health  & wellness /creativity happiness & joy.

The view  in encouraging ,adopting and applying self management tools derives from  the educator and life teacher-

J Krishnamurti’s statement : “truth is a pathless land” that is – only you by self exploration and examination– can find your truth path.

I hope you accept the notion that we should be responsible for our  own life journey and   need to “drive our life” and not be passive and "driven" by others.

I also hope that you agree, that in order to reach our desired destination, enjoy the journey and be happy in our ways, we need to make sure we have a good  plan that fits our nature, have an  “inner compass“ and reasonable resources .


Yet, let’s be humble. We are limited in our minds and never see the whole picture. The more we interact with  professionals  people , consultant and  “valuable others”, we can expand our perception by adding their perspectives, knowhow and wisdom to our knowledge base. We depend on other’s  advice because we are not experts in all fields. We don’t have to “invent the wheel “and can rely on scientific and technological accumulated knowledge that was acquired over  humanity’ history.

This is confusing  and challenging : how  can we   find the fine line between driving life “our way” and having others influence and condition our minds?

From day one, our parents, community, culture, school, religion, gurus – educated us  of what’s right and what is good for us from their presepectives.

Therefore, how do we discover and fine-tune ourselves with our own  inner compass?

It will reveal itself when we are balanced and harmonically attune our inner systems.


Self management tools are generic tools for  dynamic balance and attunement.

They  create the inner infrastructure of harmony between biological systems and mind systems (thoughts , emotions, memories , imagination, dreams and belief systems . From a pragmatic point of view, they are optimizing tools of energy usage of all sub systems .

If you look at the operating system of computers, The operating system is the “conductor of the symphony” of the hardware/software system – or if you like, your smartphone's operating system, manages hardware and apps.

Self management tools enables to harmonically tune the natural operating system of your bodymindspirit.

If you  observe your Smartphone  or your computer system again, you will note a very important universal features/needs:

1. Have enough resources or energies to operate it , nonstop.
2. Have enough empty space

Good self management tools enable optimizing  the usage of energies and stopping  wasting energies on chaotic  or obsessed thoughts and emotions that bring you sadness, anxiety and  bad  functionality  of negative habits.

They help convert “wasted energies into useful creative and joyful activities. And create empty space in the desktop of your mind to perceive new and fresh things and ideas in life.

Are you ready to explore, experience our self-management tools?

Vibroacoustic therapy - VAT is our main self management tool.

Vibroacoustic therapy is inner body massage of low sound frequency that is streamed to your organs, tissues and cells and vibrates body and mind subsystems . The outcome- reduction /elimination of  pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, boost  of vitality and mind clarity.

The process is very soothing sensation of harmonic waves “hug you from within” bring inner peace , silence together with recharging energies.

VAT is our  balancing & attunement tool

There are three levels of usage:
1. Reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety – these conditions reduce our vitality, health and wellness and as result, prevent  our joy and happiness
2. Learn , explore and observe our belief system and the conditioning of the mind
    a. Our positive automatic experience and skills
    b. Our negative habit that sabotage our life quality  and bring self destruction, addiction, obesity and can ruin our personal  

         relationships and our performance at work.
3. Learn & apply  the power of inner space of calmness as the desktop of your mind.
4. Learn & apply  the power of imagination and visualization as the simulator of your mind.
5. Learn to create positive inner scenarios that fit your being.
6. Learn to improve performance, creativity and self development.

VAT is a workshop or a 1on 1 coaching that can be set as a skype session
have a VAT system

Contact us to learn more.

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