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 SilentSoundSpace - Sense Serenity @home & in your workplace

Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) is a wellness platform of low sound frequency - deep tissue inner body massage ,that vibrates organs tissues and cells.

The VAT treatment involves lying on a mattress, while a chosen frequency in the range between 30Hz -120Hz is transmitted to the body through transducers (bass speakers) that are embedded in the mattress.

The treatment is experienced as soothing harmonic waves caressing the body that relaxes and also recharges the person’s vitality.

Olav Skille – (Norway) A scientist, therapist, musician and educator, invented Vibroacoustic Therapy 30 years ago. Skille as therapist, applied VAT directly to people with disabilities and chronic diseases. Feedback from therapists he trained, led Skille to identify specific frequencies that correlate with reduction of pain and stress in different parts of the body. Specific frequencies enabled therapists to reduce anxiety levels in patients treated with VAT as well as aid in the treatment of insomnia.


The Nordic countries have become pioneers in using VAT as an integrative wellness therapy incorporated with mainstream therapies:

The added value of VAT in physical therapy:
• Assists in physical therapy, by reducing muscle tension, stress and pain.
• Encourages the attentiveness of the patient to their active role in recuperating from pain and stress caused by injury, illness, and surgery .

The Added Value of VAT in psychotherapy:
• Assists psychotherapy by reducing patient stress and pain .
• Opens communication paths between therapist and patient.
• Fosters clarity of mind
• Acts as an anti depressive tool

The added value of VAT for people with chronic diseases:

• Releases muscle tension enabling patient to enter meditative state
• Assists in cell metabolism
• Acoustic stimulation of inner organs
• Triggers attentiveness and focus of mind.
• Peace of mind and relaxation

• Reduces pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety with no chemicals involved.

The added value of VAT as self management tool at work  & at home:
• Create a SilentSoundSpace. VAT will reduce stress as preventive wellness approach.
• VAT recharges vitality and boosts energies to increase -attentiveness.
• VAT together with visualization and self guided imagery can increase performance.
• VAT  improves tolerance , effective communication and better interactions.

• VAT reduce /eliminate insomnia and exhaustion.

• VAT enables manifestation of creativity and innovation

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 When your cells "feel and sense" harmonic waves vibrating  and patting them from within, words are not needed.


if you like to trigger your to imagination to simulate the sensation,

please view the following presentation which describes mental and physical balance and attunement process in a

VAT SilentSoundSpace


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