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BodyMind Balance


Workshop  Goals & Description:


What is BodyMind Balance? Or if you like – homeostasis, equilibrium, attunement, calibration? Could it be that they are all connected to the concept of HARMONY? What is HARMONY?  Let’s observe harmony in an orchestra. Each and every instrument is tuned to its basic sound profile, yet the harmony takes place when all the instruments are attuned with each other.

We are a complex being with physical sub systems (such as nervous, blood, muscles and bones, cells, respiratory, reproduction and so on)and our mind systems (thoughts emotions, sensations, imagination, memories and dreams).

This workshop will provide self-maintenance tools to  dynamic harmonic BodyMind Balance within ourselves.



You will learn how to reduce stress, insomnia anxiety and pain, boost vitality and mind clarity. You will learn how to create an

inner space of calmness as your “inner harmonic home”


Participant Outcomes: By the end of this session, participants will be able to :

o evaluate what is dynamic balance or being in imbalance

o self-massage technics

o breathing technics

o the journey into our body and mind systems

o what is silent space of calmness

o can I perceive beyond thoughts? – Where is creativity hidden? And why it is connected to BodyMind Balance


Name: Avigail Berg-Panitz

Organization/Affiliation: Aviman llc

Phone: 561-277-8282

Role and qualifications: Personal and business development consultant, social entrepreneur, partner in The Sound Well Corp.,


Participants: Business executives, HR & wellness managers, business training managers, leaders, project management team, employees from all departments.






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