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Heartbroken is a real harmful bodymind condition that needs attention & care.


Western Medicine, considers grief and losing a significant person that passed away, as a sensitive,  psychological & physical period  that need to be addressed.

However, it ignores, heartbroken cases in which, people were deserted, (literally and /or emotionally).

Loneliness together with feeling of self-blame and /or low self-esteem, may seriously damage health and wellbeing,


Are you lonely?

Do you feel as if there is a “glass wall barrier” between you and others?

Do you sense abandoned, emotionally?

Do you blame yourself for the situation you are in?

Did your romantic partner abused you and made you think, you are not good enough?

Do you perceive that you do not have power to cope with the situation you are in?


HHH is a long weekend retreat that provides individuals with self-help tools to regain confidence of, who they are, love themselves; recharge vitality, and “drive life” with a smile…

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