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Holistic and integrative teamwork in project management

You may roll your eyes when you read this header – what “holistic and integrative” have to do with project management and teamwork?

The answer – simply – success!!!

Life can be viewed as endless projects that need to be managed. At home and at work, in school and in the community – they all sum up on having:

-         1. A defined goal

-         2. Resources in hand (time, money, skills, people, energy, motivation, vitality, attention )

-         3. Identifying resources you lack and how to acquire them if they are essential. (this is a project within a project)

-         4. Collaboration, dialogue, communication, management, teamwork – the art of getting things done

-         5. Monitoring success, wrap up

-         6. Next project. Start 1 again

You may have a personal goal within yourself, yet “the external world” is always there to give you a hand, or alternatively,  to be an obstacle. You are not isolated. You need other people’s help /expertise to succeed in your project.

The more you identify who they are and their added value contribution, the better.

You can be proactive by using visualization, using conscious imagery and planning the flowchart of the project, or you can react to needy situations as the fire bursts.

If you are the project manager and you have the ability to choose your team, are you aware of the optimal criteria factors, professional parameters, teamwork personality profiles, EQ and SQ, to achieve best results?

Holistic – is the ability to plan, view, design, asses, sense and manage the whole project’s components progress in real-time as a whole system .

Integrative – mean, the understanding that you need to integrate different   subsystems, such as people, and harmonically, activate effective communication and identify and utilize differences and variety as advantages to the project and not as obstacles.   

Teamwork is more than the sum up of the official talents and knowhow each person brings to the table. Atmosphere and the energies that are generated as result of communication and interactions between the people, may lead to success or failure. This is not easy to identify because unlike data, charts and computer analysis. Energies are felt and sensed but not so tangible or easily to describe.

When you as a leader – prepare and plan a project, make sure you simulate the holistic and interactive teamwork process – to sense and feel – the energies in the air. –

They may be the missing component to your success.

I will be happy to help you identify your needs and provide tools in creating uplifting holistic and integrative atmosphere  of vitality in your team.

Avigail - social and wellness entrepreneur, contact me

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