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Linkedin is your business and personal development platform


Every day, the first thing I do before seeing my emails, is opening my LinkedIn playground. Yes I call it “playground” because it’s where I spend all day long, and, I’m having fun. Serious fun.

The ideal is that you enjoy what you do. And here you find flexible and diversified, creative ways  for business and personal development.

What does that mean?


Ok so now, open a new empty document and lay out:

  • what does business development means to you:

  • what does personal development means to you:


Where do you want to focus your development in?

That leads you to more fundamental questions - what is your immediate goal and what is your annual goal. There are of course more than one goal, but where exactly is your focus? Zoom in to the details; zoom out to seeing the big picture.


The more things are clear to you, the less you waste your time.


Having a large personal network in Linkedin is not a goal.


If you are, an employee and you have a hidden agenda of replacing your current job with alternative one that is ok. Be transparent and clear with your intentions and directions to the most intimate person of earth - YOU.


This is an exciting process to really understand and be aware of where you want to take your energies, attention, directions, and actions:

Sometimes, when you write it down and reflect it to yourself, you may realize that there is a dissonance between personal intentions, and that, of the company, you work for. What do you do?

You may be working for a company that has a very clear policy about your Linkedin profile. What do you do?


Here are some questions that will help you design the flowchart of your business /personal development:

Business development:

  • I want/need to expand my national sells

  • I want/need to expand my international sells, where?

  • I want/need to find new strategic business partners.  What are the  areas?

  • I want to collaborate in R&D. What are the areas.

  • I want to promote my company’s branding, image, web presence.

  • I want to recruit high quality employees. What are areas?


Personal development:

  • I want to find a better job that suits my personality. What are the areas that im passionate about?

  • I want to find a better job that will increase my salary.

  • I want to go back to school.

  • I want to relocate to another country.

  • I want to promote my book.

  • I want to build up my personal branding in new areas.

  • I want to find the love of my life.


  Small business of therapy /consultancy:

  • I want to promote my personal brand.

  • I want to promote my product/s /services.


After mapping what you want to do, find the groups that are related to the areas and the people you want to connect with, to reach your goals. Initiate discussion, participate in other’s people‘s discussions, invite people, write in Pulse..


Acceptance of people to your network is a great step forward. What do you do next?



If you are an individual, small business or represent a medium, large company, I can help you in utilizing Linkedin as your personal and business platform.


Everything has to do with time and attentiveness.



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