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Using the web as a guide

for Life Change Management  & Self Growth



The web is the dynamic reflection platform of humanity. You find the most inspiring innovative idea from one end and the darkest violence expression in the other end.

This is also the most diversified “knowledge well” if you will. Thus, can we use it as our coach to lead us to smart decision- making, in periods of drastic changes in our life, or as a guide for self-growth?


Some will say”: no! The web will confuse you more than help you, especially in periods of crises. So many contrition sources of information, how will you know who to follow, how can you evaluate the source for its quality”?


Others will say: “any coach, any psychotherapist,- that guides you, presents a narrow path reflecting  their own personal perception. “


The wisdom lies somewhere in between.


In today smart mobile technologies era, where the internet is in immediate accessibility, you can have answers to complex issues – in real-time.

You are probably familiar with the following scenario – you sit with friends, there is a topic in the air  which is unclear. One of you searches the web and reads out loud what’s written there. That may be good when you are searching a place, or a definition for a concept. Yet, Yet, isn’t it a superficial way?


When change catches us by surprise


Personal change may hit us by surprise at any time. That is because we don’t see the whole picture, and there are blind spots in our perception.

Even in times when we initiate change, after we declare about it to our loved ones or at work, we don’t really know how they will react and how eventually, it may affect us.


Are you ready for a change in your life? There is always a shock , because we like to live in "illusionary mode of stability", and we need to adjust to a period in which "the rules of the game" are not clear, and we build up a  new framework to our life.


Having the web as your coach can be very beneficial if you know how to handle it.

The beauty of diversified data, information and knowledge – is that they shows you many perspectives, views and "flavors of reality".


What is your new path?

Don’t let many possibilities confuse you.  View it as if you drive across an intersection and you need to decide which way you are going.


Do you have a GPS? Internal GPS I mean. Let’s call it : Good Path Selection.


You first need to make sure you are balanced in your BodyMind or HeartBrain to rely on your internal GPS.


You need to minimize the blind spots and to have the ability to identify with a good potential path , in a short time.


The web can be your “knowhow source of everything” yet, you need to build up a flowchart of manipulating the data-information-knowledge in order to select your path of wisdom.


How do you do that?

  • Make sure you are balanced and that you are in the normal scale or perceiving reality. (ask your loved ones and people you trust if they believe “you are ok” or they advise to have  psychiatric help. If you need psychiatric help, don’t use the web as your guide)

  • Open a new chapter in your notebook. Call it Change. – have a clear mind (after a good sleep, after meditation, after Vibroacoustic session) and write – this is :


    • What I want to do

      How I want to be

      Where I want to be

      With whom I want to be


…..In a year from now


Write, edit, add, delete the above in a week- month period of time. Always read and write when your bodymind is balanced and your mind is sharp and clear.


  • Once you are happy with your new scenario when you visualize the future in the NOW, create a "sun like" associative keywords that derive from your scenario vision and start searching the web

  • The funnel: Copy and paste to a new file called :”possibilities” text that come up in search of the keywords. Don’t forget   the links to the sources you find interesting or inspiring  that resonance with you. It maybe a very long file. Just stream one after the other, text and their links address. This process maybe for a long period – depends how long you want to deepen into the topics that trigger your mind in the change process

  • The strainer:  After processing number 4. For a while – week-month, get back to your “Change “ document and again, edit it so that it resonates with your intuitive vision of where, when, how, with whom you want to experience life – in a year or so… after you are attuned, get back to the document and start deleting anything that is not in harmony with your new path you are paving .


  • Now that you have fewer resources that rhythm with your vision, start a project life plan for change. The project life plan needs to take into account your resources (time, money, skills and people). Create a spreadsheet based on your pan that takes into account time, money and the other resources you need to execute your plan.

  • You can always ask for help, yet, when you use the net as your coach in the preliminary stages of your change management scenarios , you drive your life with your inner GPS and nobody else drives you.

  • The above framework maybe  applicable for self-development, business development and innovation.


let me explain more how to use the web as your guide for change management and personal or business development

a good start would be to personalize a and exercise the following :








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