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The Inspiring Club


Once a week, last two hours, gather your employees in heterogeneous groups or all in a hall and have a space to recharge vitality, by inspiring energy.


What is inspiring energy?


It is a delicate sensation of being in silence but alert. It is an inner atmosphere of good feeling, we absorb/generate by being in nature, hearing harmonic concert, listening to uplifting presentation, or viewing an invigorating video.


An inspiring club may have three modular parts:


1 silence and harmony- maybe guided mediation, silence with background music or 100% silence.

2. Watching an inspiring video with exalting impact

3. Sharing experience and feedback of the video

4. One participant at a time-shares his /her talent, hobby, experience

5. Silence in harmony


  • Add intuitive  dancing

Let me help you plan and run your Inspiring club


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