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Togetherness – couples weekend

Are you married? Are you in relationship? Do you live together?

Believe it or not, living together is not the most significant indicator for a good relationship.

You may be married for 20 years, sleep in the same bed, but feel separated, disconnected and alone. In a way, many couples are together because of economic reasons, or emotional fear of being alone, while they are in fact separated in BodyMindSpirit.

It gets event more complicated when one side feels connected – or perceives the relationship as good, while the other, feels disconnected and plans to disappear one day.

Though compatibility is very complicated, you can generally view three modes from both sides to any field you put on the table:

+ I’m positive to you / your perception, approach and attitude

-I oppose to you / your perception, approach and attitude

= I’m indifferent to you /your perception, approach, and attitude

This chart is dynamic. You cannot impose change on your partner. You can only change yourself.

In a way, relationship is a reflection of self-awareness. That is why this workshop is about a dialogue and understanding blind spots of perception and how conditioning of our minds can sabotage our happiness. This workshop is experiential and its goal is to create BodyMindSpirit bridge between partners.


When you observe BodyMindSpirit compatibility its complicated because each of these dimensions don’t necessarily weight equally. In addition you may weight each one differently than your partner.

It all starts with the way you perceive reality – what you think is right, what you believe you need and your values.

  • Name 10 of your most important values and 10 things you would spend money on if you had a 1 million $ to spend.

  • Compare with your partner, mark black situations. Can color change?



What is your definition of Love?


The Workshop includes:

  • Learn to touch yourself

  • Massage each other

  • Vibroacoustic therapy & massage

  • Manifest your creativity

  • Walking meditation

  • Writing to myself, writing to you

  • Dialogue – explore your reality perception, explore your partner’s

  • Things to do together /things to do by yourself

    • Trust – giving attention and effective  listening, dialogue

    • Cooking together

    • Watching a movie together

  • Duties, responsibilities, needs

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