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 Wellness & Well Being Social  Initiatives & projects

1.Spiral Mall

What if you went  with your children to a mall that is all oriented - green, nature, creativity, and healing. All stores: food, furniture, cloth, books , art and clinics are BodyMindSpirit oriented.

Let me show you how it can be done.


2. Live & Let Live

A conflict solving center based on awareness to the limitation of perception. We don't hold the truth in our pockets, we don't perceive whole reality. Each one of us has the right to live full high quality life, happy and healthy life on earth. Nobody owns earth resources. live and let live.


Internet project to upload your life journey journal and loved ones' life  stories

over the net for ever & ever. We can teach children and elderly how to write the story of their life and upload it to then clouds.

4. NetCoachMe

Internet project. Use the web as a coach for decision making in life challenging periods and for personal development . NetCoachMe - learn how to use the web which is humanity's knowledge base wisdom, to gain more insights and lead you to your personal path.

5 .AudioVisual BodyMindSpirtual Happening

An event  production of healthyfood & workshops for creativity, health and awareness.

6. Advancing Humanity

A tradeshow to connect startups and investors to advance humanity in fields of health, education , technology, ecology and art

7. BBB - Baby Boomer Blooming - Global Initiative


8. Apply 6P - A new Health & Wellness Paradigm: Personalized, Proactive, Preventive, Positive-Psycology Paradigm


9. BeWell community initiative

10. Virtual incubator

A program of how to create local platform to boost economy

11. Enrichment @ home initiative

Neighbors meetings with one  giving a lecture + guest's presentation

12.BPPA -  Businesses Promote  Promising Artists 

for more information about these initiatives, contact me.


13. Franchise Serenity - SilentSoundSpace


14. Permaculture, Art and the City



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